Wednesday, January 7, 2009

When The Woman You Date Is More Than A Woman

Ok. This is an uncomfortable article and dealing as it does with bisexuality, not many men will agree to talk about it, let alone openly admit that they are a least somewhat curious about the appeal of other men. But I was sitting down in Miami Beach the other day for my daily dose of caffeine with my date, a lady friend I had been dating for a few weeks now. We were enjoying the view of this wonderful and so very sex city in the fall when my friend all of a sudden asked me if I had ever fantasized about being intimate with another man!

Men, women and in between, Miami is truly a metrosexual city where the differences between genders sometimes become so veiled that a new gender has arisen, the generation of the she males, those men turned into women who sometimes look more feminine than women themselves.

Young and old alike, these dreamy creatures seem to be made from the same gorgeous female mould with the perfect curves, the feline walk, whilst retaining they male attributes which I am told can sometime exceed the average expectations and just as my friend was cornering me with her incredible question, such a beautiful “woman” walked in and sat at the table next to us.

This woman was exactly the kind of woman a man dreams dating about, and I was no exception. The fact that she was not born didn’t have anything to do with the attraction I thought. She was beautiful, and most women would have loved to have been just as beautiful as she was, but there had been other beautiful women sitting right by us at the café, why had not been drawn to them instead?

In truth, I didn’t know. After all, history is ripe with stories of the forbidden love. Alexander the Great for example, warrior amongst warriors sought solace and romance with a battlefield companion who was not strictly a woman. He could have chosen any woman, single or married and dated her instead, and yet he chose “her”. Of course, this was not dating as we know it today, rather ownership, but in journals found of this great man, romance with this woman was obviously a recurrent theme which brought passion and even jealousy to his wife.

And if I though that dating and relationships were tough enough before my date’s question, I was now meandering through the streets of the impossible where each answer suggest dozens more questions, all leading to the unknown.

At the end of the day, what counts is that a date brings you joy and happiness and in the modern world where there are more unhappy married couples than singles, what if my destiny was to date a single woman, a she man, born as a different gender but who has made the cross over between the two.

What if my soul mate happens to be the “lady” at the café, not my date but the other “woman” sitting nearby? Would I be a lesser man if she was? Would it diminish the quality of my dating life if I chose to walk some of it in “her” company?

By: Miami Expat

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Amit Avital said...

Great post!
I'm seeing alot of these kind of posts all over the web..
But I really like your writing though...
Keep up the good work my friend.

Amit Avital.

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